Fast and easy access to credit solutions tailored for you.

Our Products/credit solutions are tailor made uniquely according to each client’s business.

The nature of the business and the cash-flows of the business are the key determinants in the way a loan is structured for the client.

We don’t force a client to choose from a catalogue of products, instead we listen to the client , understand the client’s business and tailor-make the loan to meet the specific needs of the business.



We are specialists in two things:

1.) Listening to the client
2.) Designing client specific credit solutions.

We consider ourselves to be Financial Solutions Architects, for us lending is not a one size fits all, rather each business is unique and requires tailor made credit solutions.

Loan Tenure

In the micro-business space the need for credit is tied to both the business and the business’ owners households- there is usually no separation between business and owner. Therefore loan tenures  vary according to the intended purpose of the business or the owner of the business- loan tenures can be anything from one day to one year. Client could require a loan to fund a specific order which can be repaid back the following day while another may intend to start a project with a tenure of3 months  and a loan can be paid in one week.

Loan Amount

We start our loans from as little as $100. The average loan amount is $1000

Interest Rates

Interest rates are controlled by the Reserve bank of Zimbabwe. The effective lending rate for Micro- Finance institutions in Zimbabwe should not exceed 10% per month.

Loan Repayment

Loan Repayments matched to Business Sales & Cash-Flows and they range from daily, weekly, monthly or once-off repayments depending on the business’ cashflows:

Our standard products

Tailored Micro Credit

Solar Home System Loan

Asset Financing

Funeral Cash Plan

School Fees Loan

Salary-Based Loan


Gadget Loan


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