Funeral Cash Plan

MMF Funeral Cash Plan is a funeral cover that covers all MMF Clients and account holders as well as up to 14 of their desired dependents and Family Members in the event of death. In the event of death, the plan provides a cash pay-out ranging from $500 to $10,000

Funeral Cash Plan FAQs

How do I Qualify for the Plan?

In order to be a plan holder You Must be at Least 18 years old and there is no upper limit of qualifying age. Non-clients of MMF can contact MMF offices for assistance. 

How do I submit My Claim?

We recommend you notify any MoneyMart office near you as soon as the death of a member or dependent has occurred. Claims can be made within 6 months from date of death

How do I close my Plan?

You can close your plan at any given time. However, should you decide to quit/close the plan there is no premium surrender

Who are My Dependents

Accepted Dependents are those that are financially dependent on you, the plan holder such as ; spouse, biological children, legally adopted children, parents, parents-in-law. Children Should be under 18 years of age and adults up to 75 years old at the time of registration

How do I make a claim?

In the event of death of a registered dependent you, the plan-holder or nominated claimant can visit the MMF offices and claim. The following documents are required to make a claim:

  • Copy of I.D or birth certificate of the deceased
  • certified copy of Burial Order or Death Certificate
  • Original copy of I.D of the claimant
The nominated claimant is anyone that was appointed by you, the plan-holder or any member nominated by the family but bearing the same surname as the deceased.

What are the benefits of MMF Funeral Cash Plan?

  • Affordable Premiums
  • Immediate cash availability in the event of a funeral
  • Wide MMF branch network for assistance

Unaccepted Claim Circumstances

A claim cannot be made in the event of a Suicide

Funeral Assistance Benefit (USD)         
ADULTS PAYOUT5001,0001,5002,0003,0004,0005,0007,50010,000
Funeral Assistance Benefit (USD)         
Children Payout5001,0001,5002,0003,0004,0005,0007,50010,000
Monthly payment0.250.50.7511.522.53.755
Quarterly payment0.751.52.2534.567.511.7515
Bi-annual payment1.534.569121522.530
Annual payment369121824

How To Apply

The process of applying for a loan the MMF funeral cash plan is simple all you have to do is click the button below to download the Funeral Cash Plan Form and fill it in, once you are done you can go to your nearest moneymart branch to submit the application along with all the supporting documents a loan officer will then check if all the information is correct and sign you up

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